About Me!

A little story about me.

Hi there! My name is Brad. But nearly everybody who knows me, calls me Phresh! Why? Well, we’ll get to that.. I grew up in Werribee, which at the time was a small suburb west of Melbourne, but has since boomed and is no longer recognisable to the suburb I once grew up in.

I was always an arty child, but never possessed the amazing drawing abilities gifted to my two older brothers. For this reason I took other avenues to show my art. I took on cooking at a young age and expressed my artistic prowess through what and how I dished up the food I cooked. I left school at an early age to chase my dream as a chef, but this ended very quickly as I was way out of my depth. I thought I could waltz right in and take my time, I was soon shown the door. 

Oh and that nickname Phresh? Well.. Here goes. I was a chubby child. I was never at all interested in playing sports, as much as I did and still do enjoy watching it. For this reason I was given the ‘Pop’n Fresh’ nickname. Which shortened to either ‘P’ or ‘Fresh’ and I just decided I’d join them together. Why not?

I was a huge wrestling fan as a kid and I remember a local promotion was seeking somebody to make their promotional posters. I had dabbled in digital art at school using programs like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro (Who remembers that?!). So I thought I’d give it a crack! It was not good. I ended up being told in no uncertain terms not to submit any more designs. But I was persistent. I researched, watched tutorial videos and taught myself endless amounts of tricks to make things look nicer. 2 months later, my designs were printed on the local shop window and it was then that I found my niche. 


A friend who was linked to the promotion got in touch with me explaining he and a bunch of friends were wanting to create a business directed towards all things fitness, they wanted to start an apparel store, posting conversation building content to their social media platforms and give people in the industry a place to discuss the profession of personal training. They needed a logo, some marketing materials and I was asked to help them out. I stayed up for nights on end designing literally hundreds of logos, clothing and posts that I thought would trend. I finally earned a few dollars for something that I’d created and it reaffirmed that this may be what I would do with my life. That business now has over one million active followers on their social media pages. 

From here the referrals started. I received email after email, requesting my services for fitness experts, entrepreneurs, donut shops, pet stores and.. even adult stores. It was a very different experience for me. Luckily at the time I was working in customer service and I very quickly picked up how to build proper rapport with my customers.

I now have a port folio made up of over 50 clients, with most being repeat customers!  I love what I do and am passionate about it. Oh and don’t worry. My ‘waltz in and take my time’ approach has definitely left me. I am efficient with my time and generally speaking, anybody will have some drafts sent to them within 24-48 hours.  

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